INZOMNIA - digital trading cards

Collectible DTC companions with earning potential, INZOMNIA imagines being a Play To Earn blockchain collection of creatures in a virtual nightmare maze game to escape “THE TICKING CLOCK”  


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INZOMNIA – We all remember that weird kid in class, you know, that kid that looked a little different than everyone else, a bit odd, maybe smelled funny, then did freaky things to get attention …?

Well, I introduce to you… Jackie A. Somnamblitsky who is more than just your average “weird kid” he’s undead, has green skin, never sleeps (coffee for blood), builds monsters for a hobby, and has a very large stone maze inserted into his skull. A side fact is, that he’s also the son of Dr. Stein (yes “that” Dr. Francis N. Stein Ph.D. Xxl, graduate of VentiVenmo iCUPaJoe) who is part of the blended brew etc.  mixing and matching the blockchain-creations to collect all the wacky parts … wake up and collect the weirdness! 

INZOMNIA - digital trading cards

©2023 Inzomnia created by Tony Peluce &  Michael Pace
DTC Digital Trading Cards, Inc.

All rights reserved.

DTC Inzomnia
DTC Digital Trading Cards

INZOMNIA “Collect The Weirdness!”

Welcome to Jackie’s secret play world, big surreal, whimsical, and frightening at the
same time. It’s about what you would expect out of the brain of an undead 7-year-old with coffee for blood…

DTC Digital Trading Cards